Cigniti: Democratize Test Automation with AI & Low-Code: Go Beyond the Hype

Cigniti: Democratize Test Automation with AI & Low-Code: Go Beyond the Hype


In fast-paced, automation-driven software development life cycles, while applications evolve rapidly, the test suites don’t. Lack of scalability and reusability, along with high maintenance needs for existing test suites, result in a huge technical debt, poor test coverage, and inefficient testing processes overall.

The gap in the skillset of resources in the modern testing teams is a major hindrance to scaling test asset development. While there is a sea of automation tools in the market, scalability & portability of test assets are concerns that are usually not addressed. You need to discard your existing artifacts and start from scratch to utilize and be aligned with the tool of your choice. Your test assets are locked within the tool and you have to continue to depend on the tool for testing, while still grappling with scalability challenges & testing complexities.

In this Digital Dialogue – Fireside Chat we are going to discuss these common pain points pertinent across the industry ecosystem and propose a comprehensive solution involving:

  • Democratization of test asset development by leveraging low-code/no-code technologies
  • Implementation of self-healing AI & visual validation to ease test suite maintenance
  • End-to-End test automation streamlining from test planning to test execution to test reporting
  • Construction of modular and scalable test scripts to accelerate time to value & improve ROI
  • Proven cases from global companies observing tangible benefits in terms of test coverage, application quality, and cost-efficiency.