Kensu: Data Mesh For Young And Old

Kensu: Data Mesh For Young And Old


One thing we can notice when working with early adopters of Data Mesh is that change management and communication are crucial, because Data Mesh is as much a responsibility model as a data architecture. As Data Mesh is about change, it matters very much where you start from.

Join our CPO Andy Petrella and Chris Ford from ThoughtWorks to hear about the value of Data Mesh for both young scale-ups and established enterprises. They'll discuss the challenges faced by those companies and their journey to adoption which is heavily influenced by the stage of life of their business.

They will also share practical tips for how to succeed with Data Mesh whether your business is young, old or somewhere in between with reference to two of Chris' clients that have been generous enough to publicly talk about their experiences: the delivery scale-up Glovo and the healthcare enterprise Roche.

What you will learn

  • What are the challenges faced by early adopters of Data Mesh
  • The value of Data Mesh for both scale-ups and big enterprises
  • Practical tips to make the most out of Data Mesh
  • Real-life examples and case studies