Rollbar: 17 Ways to Undo Mistakes with Git!

Rollbar: 17 Ways to Undo Mistakes with Git!


We cannot avoid mistakes. But with the right tools, we can make sure they don't hurt too much. Git offers many ways to undo, revert, recover and fix. We'll look at the bad things that can happen to you - and how Git can save your neck.

What You'll Learn:

Fixing commit messages and changesets
Discarding local changes, down to individual lines
Undoing and reverting old commits
Returning to a previous version of your project
Restoring deleted branches and commits
Moving commits between branches
Deleting unwanted commits
Combining multiple commits into one
...and much more!

Commands and workflows are demonstrated using Git on the Command Line, so that anybody can take part - no matter what tools (IDEs, GUIs) they are using.

Additionally, to make complex workflows more visual, some commands are also demonstrated using the Tower desktop GUI.