Sauce Labs: Scaling Enterprise App Testing with AI

Sauce Labs: Scaling Enterprise App Testing with AI


Enterprises depend on technology to build scalable, agile and highly accessible businesses. With enterprise IT spending expected to surpass $517B in 2021, software apps have become ubiquitous and transformative. SaaS providers like Salesforce and WorkDay have made it possible to integrate out-of-the-box solutions or build customized products that serve your business purpose. This adoption of low-code enterprise solutions will contribute to the creation of over 500 million more applications from now until 2023 - the same number of applications developed in the last 40 years.

To keep up with this digital transformation, it’s crucial to reduce the cost of developing new software tools and embrace more agile processes when delivering software quality and digital confidence. Application updates need to move at an agile speed and teams are using agile DevOps to keep up with a fast-moving market. Relying on traditional QA resources is no longer enough to keep pace.

With AI-driven low-code and no-code testing you can empower more team members with no programming knowledge to create powerful, natural language, automated tests.

Tune in on June 24 for Scaling Enterprise App Testing with AI, to learn how to radically transform your testing with an AI-driven low-code/no-code testing solution.

Sessions will cover:

  • How a healthcare service provider transformed their custom web app testing with AutonomIQ
  • Industry insights on enterprise automation from EPAM Vice President Adam Auerbach
  • Leaders at SymTrain and The Joint Corp. will discuss their journey with autonomous testing
  • Scaling SaaS application testing with AutonomIQ