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Why Full Lifecycle API Management Needs API Testing and Monitoring

Development, application, and security leaders are increasingly embracing a full-lifecycle approach to managing internal and public API programs. While distributed teams and a growing remote workforce may build products with different toolchains and infrastructure requirements, one thing that must stay consistent is quality at speed. This means that teams need highly scalable, reliable, and integration-friendly backend API management and testing.

Device Farms Reimagined: Attaining Any-to-Any Test Coverage

Join social trading platform pioneer eToro and partners Sauce Labs and Testlio for a discussion on the role that device architectures play towards building a quality engineering system for scale. The speakers will pull from real-world experiences to offer perspectives on the implications of alternative testing architectures.

Why a Real Device Testing Cloud is Good for Your Business: Mobile Test Automation Day Online

In this session, you will learn how cloud-based real device testing can reduce the total cost of ownership by 3X to 5X, eliminate the operational pain of maintenance and updates, and drive team productivity to deliver better and faster mobile app releases.