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FastAPI - From Docs to OpenAPI Specs and Contract Tests in a Flash

After creating or editing documentation, use FastAPI with Sauce Labs to easily auto-generate (or update) OpenAPI spec files, API mock servers and bidirectional contract tests. Sauce Labs checks both the OAS spec file and the API's provider and consumer contract. Extend contract tests easily into automated API functional and load tests for your CI/CD pipeline. Reuse API tests as holistic functional performance monitors that give highly usable feedback and fast debugging in any environment.

Sauce Labs Customer Conversation with Domuso

In this Sauce Labs customer Conversation, Product Marketing Manager Abigail Kurtzman interviews Dennis Carlos, a Senior QA Engineer Lead at Domuso. Watch the video to learn more about the ways in which Domuso is using automated testing Sauce Labs in their CI/CD pipeline to assist in their goal to modernize the renting process. Happy testing!

Are your Digital Services Accessible?

The modern workplace is more diverse than ever. Interested parties include a whole strata of incredibly talented people whose needs are regularly overlooked through poor design & development, and a failure to comply with disability and accessibility regulations around the world. This webinar will give you an introduction to the digital needs of those in need of accessibility support and the software tools available to help you test that you are meeting a significant portion of those needs.