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How to Choose Mobile Devices for Testing 2022

Learn the latest best practices for knowing which mobile devices to test on, plus our recommended devices to test on by region and business size. With the rapidly increasing popularity and complexity of mobile apps, you need to make sure your app works as intended across various device models, operating systems, and browsers.

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Mobile App Test Automation Best Practices - 5 Test Cases to Automate

There are a number of things to consider when automating your mobile app tests, but first and foremost is to decide which tests should be and can be automated. This means understanding the business goals that are most important to your organization, as well as the risks you want to manage and mitigate. Mobile app testing is ultimately about managing risk, and the only way to do that is to align testing practices with the most critical business processes and goals you need to cover.

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Visual Regression Testing Basics

In a world where technological advances are made on a daily basis, software products are often affected by routine updates. While updating software is necessary for all businesses, it can introduce a slew of bugs into applications and websites. If these software bugs are not thoroughly tested, validated, and fixed, they could end up costing the company a lot of money in production. User interface (UI) and visual bugs in software products are often disregarded due to the focus on functional testing.

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A Celebration of 5 Billion Tests With a Data Deep Dive

The future is mobile. Maybe it would be more accurate to say the present is mobile. With 7.26 billion smartphones in the world, it’s not difficult to see why there has been such rapid growth in mobile app development over the past couple of years. When there is almost one mobile device per person on Earth, it becomes clear that this is an enormous market with seemingly limitless potential. Sauce Labs recently completed our 5 billionth test, a huge milestone and a number we are proud of for sure.

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August 2022 Product News, Events, and Test Automation Insights

Welcome to The Monthly Sauce! At Sauce Labs, we believe that every experience matters. It’s what drives us to build products that equip our customers with digital confidence in the rapidly evolving world of software development. Read on to learn how our newest features and insights can help strengthen your testing.

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Getting Started with API Contract Testing

Learn what OpenAPI-driven contract testing is, how and when contract testing is performed and scaled for massive microservices programs, and how it can provide relief to development teams that have been overwhelmed by testing bottlenecks and increasing rates of code errors in production. The world runs on apps and platforms built from microservices – and microservices run on APIs.