Testlio: Instrumented Testing: Telemetry Meets Software QA

Testlio: Instrumented Testing: Telemetry Meets Software QA


Leading software development teams instrument their apps through SDKs to improve efficiencies and release faster. This webinar teaches how Android and iOS app instrumentation and manual QA help software development teams dramatically improve issue resolution speed and quality.

Through an SDK that exposes underlying testing conditions, your app enables automated data collection and telemetry-rich issue reporting. In addition to uncovering nuanced test data, teams reduce their dependency on multiple diagnosis tools or processes and streamline the bug reporting flow.

Join us to learn how instrumented testing works and how it will improve issue resolution and release velocity.

During this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How app instrumentation collects manual testing data and offers otherwise missing context to expedite debugging and issue resolution
  • How to spot patterns and make faster decisions on issue escalation, changes, and more
  • How instrumented testing SDK leads to higher fixed issue potential
  • How to better understand problem areas and addressable trends for future development

Talk testing with us and stay for the 15-minute Q&A afterward!