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1 year ago we were acquired. Here's what happened next. (k6 Office Hours #58)

In June 2021, CEO Raj Dutt announced that k6 had become part of the Grafana Labs family, and the year that followed has been replete with changes in features, organizational structure, and overall culture within the k6 team. In this video, Nicole van der Hoeven and Paul Balogh reflect on everything that's happened in the last year and how k6 has fared 1 year after the acquisition.

Why is everyone talking about chaos engineering? with Vince Huang (k6 Office Hours #56)

Why is everyone talking about chaos engineering anyway? How different is it from testing? What does it have to do with performance? In this k6 Office Hours, k6 Technical Program Manager Vince Huang joins Developer Advocates Nicole van der Hoeven and Paul Balogh to talk about these topics and more.

How to migrate to Kubernetes, with Carlos Ruiz Lantero (k6 Office Hours #55)

k6 Cloud Backend developer Carlos Ruiz Lantero joins Developer Advocates Nicole van der Hoeven and Paul Balogh to discuss how to migrate to Kubernetes. Carlos has been working on migrating k6 Cloud services from ECS to EKS, and in this video, he shares his best practices for migration and things he wishes he'd done differently.

Plugging-in Kubernetes

Kubernetes has been becoming the standard operating environment for applications over the past several years. With the xk6-kubernetes extension, you can add direct support for Kubernetes objects (ConfigMaps, Deployments, Jobs, et al) directly within your test scripts. Imagine, your test scripts could now directly setup your test environment by pre-scaling your services, change configuration, or even inject a little chaos _during_ your tests by deleting running pods to observe how your overall system behaves.

What is Grafana Mimir? with maintainer Marco Pracucci (k6 Office Hours #53)

Maintainer Marco Pracucci talks about the new Grafana project, Mimir, a next-generation time-series database for Prometheus. He joins Developer Advocates Nicole van der Hoeven and Paul Balogh to talk about what Mimir is, why it was needed, and how he helped scale it using k6. RESOURCES.

End-to-end browser testing using xk6-browser, with Thomas Wikman (k6 Office Hours #51)

Have you ever wondered how to test a platform built for testing other products? Our frontend developer, Thomas Wikman, joins us on k6 Office Hours to talk about his experience being a user of one of our tools - xk6-browser - and how he uses it to test the entire k6 Cloud frontend.