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Unveiling Website Technologies for Enhanced Testing | Wappalyzer | BugRaptors | QA Testing

Wappalyzer is your go-to web browser extension for swiftly gathering insights into the technologies powering any website. With a simple click, it scans the webpage and presents a detailed breakdown, from programming languages to version used and more. It helps QA testers to find out what technologies are used on websites. Wappalyzer is a versatile tool that empowers testers, developers, and curious users alike, facilitating informed decision-making and exploration in the dynamic realm of web technologies.

Displaying Google Dorking: Revealing Hidden Online Information | Security Testing | BugRaptors

Dive into the realm of Google Dorking, also known as Google Hacking, an advanced method leveraging specialized search queries to unveil concealed data, exposed databases, and potential security vulnerabilities across the web. Join us as we explore the responsible application of this technique for information retrieval and delve into the critical importance of safeguarding against potential risks lurking in the digital landscape.

Explore the Power of Webdriver.IO | BugRaptors | Automation Testing Service

Join QA consultant Amritpal Singh in our Testing Mavericks series as he explores the power of Learn how this tool helps identify and fix bugs early, saving time and resources while ensuring a flawless user experience. Discover Amritpal's secrets to client satisfaction and loyalty through efficient testing techniques. Don't miss this episode packed with insights for testing enthusiasts!

Taking Recap To An Incredible 2023 At BugRaptors | QA Testing

Join us in this Year-End Recap video as we take a stroll down memory lane, highlighting the extraordinary moments that made 2023 unforgettable. From engaging interactions and insightful webinars to exciting team outings, our BugRaptors family thrived on collaboration and innovation. We're proud to showcase our team's hard work that led to well-deserved recognition and awards. Explore the thrilling launches of cutting-edge products that redefine testing excellence.

BugRaptors - Chasing Global IT Excellence Through QA

BugRaptors over the years as emerged as an organization that has redefined the benchmarks of quality assurance and software testing. From adoption of innovative testing technologies like AI and automation to integrating industry-leading best practices, BugRaptors as a QA company has always worked on delivering exceptional user experience on software, applications, and enterprise solutions. More importantly, the organization has shown tremendous growth in terms of workplace environment as well as geographical presence taking its footmarks across the map.

Celebrating Yashu Kapila: CEO of the Year | Indian Achievers Award 2023 | BugRaptors

Join us in celebrating Yashu Kapila's remarkable achievement as she wins the "CEO Of The Year" Award from the prestigious Indian Achievers Forum. Yashu Kapila's exceptional vision for technology has not only revolutionized our approach but also propelled BugRaptors to unprecedented success. Under her dynamic leadership, BugRaptors has witnessed a series of astounding victories, pushing boundaries and breaking records.

Mobile Application Testing - Definition, Types, Everything Explained!

Dive deep into the world of mobile application testing and explore its various aspects with BugRaptors! Join us as we uncover the fundamentals of mobile app testing, including its definition, the different types of mobile applications, and the crucial types of mobile testing involved. Besides, the video will help you discover the major mobile platforms dominating the market and gain insights into the list of Android and iOS versions to consider during testing.

Celebrating The BugRaptors 08th Anniversary

Celebrating 8 Years of BugRaptors! Sticking to our CEO, Yashu Kapila’s vision of harnessing emerging #technologies and shaping the digital future through quality revolution, BugRaptors as a QA brand has successfully made its way through diverse challenges, delivering exceptional QA services and transcending digital boundaries. And therefore, from humble beginnings to global reach, we have expanded our footprint across continents, partnering with clients worldwide.