London, UK
  |  By Ash Davies
You’ll have heard of Dark Mode, a much-loved and ubiquitous type of theming for websites and applications that switches the page you’re looking at from a traditional white-background-dark-text theme to a darker background with lighter text. As it stands though, the availability of a dark mode theme is the responsibility of the developer.
  |  By Kat Holmes
Core Web Vitals are a set of metrics that allow you to determine how fast, visually stable and responsive your site is. The front-end takes the bulk of the responsibility to make sure that your website is scoring highly in each of these metrics, so in this blog post I will outline what we should be doing (as well as what we should be avoiding) to score highly in them.
  |  By StatusCake Team
Google recently announced that the current Google Analytics 3 (Universal Analytics) will come to an end in July 2023 (now extended until October 2023) and they’ve encouraged all current users to start using the new GA4. Google Analytics 4 is the new version of the current GA reporting portal that current users have used to analyse the performance of their sites.
  |  By Christopher Long
In this blog post I want to go over some of the software I use alongside my IDE/version control tools during my day-to-day work. These tools allow me to cut down on wasted time spent doing things inefficiently, track my work, take notes, and generally make my life easier. I’ve also reached out to Damien, a local developer friend who has provided me examples of the tools they use as a front end developer.
  |  By Alexandra Moore
The web as a whole is constantly evolving and alongside this comes fantastic innovations in how we display content to the user. Some companies are really leading the way when it comes to innovative user interfaces, so in this blog post I will be highlighting a selection of the trends that these companies are pushing forward and how you can recreate them yourself on your own site.
  |  By Alexandra Moore
As a developer, I am a massive fan of documentation and (as you can probably tell from my previous blog post) also a big fan of Storybook. If you’re interested in what Storybook is and how to set it up, or integrate it into your existing project, you can find out more about that here. However, in this post, I am going to be outlining why you should be using Storybook and each of its features and capabilities.
  |  By Christopher Long
In this blog post we are going to cover writing a bare-bones API in ASP.NET that can read, write, and delete data from a test database.
  |  By Christopher Long
I have a bit of a confession to make, I’ve never really bothered to learn Python. The last time I briefly used it, Python 3 had just been released and was being ignored by almost everyone due to all to breaking changes people had porting over to it from Python 2. This is crazy, as in my opinion, Python is only behind JavaScript in terms of the most used language in the world. I have no excuse not to learn it and see what the fuss is all about!
  |  By Christopher Long
Choosing the right method to store your data can be a critical decision early in the development process. When deciding on which type of database to choose for your project it really comes down to the data structure you wish to use rather than the specific product or provider. In this blog post, we are going to look at relational and non-relational databases and explore the differences and use cases for both.
  |  By Christopher Long
There is a common saying in the software development field: “Repetition is the root of all software evil.” The more you repeat yourself in code, the more likely you are to make mistakes or cause yourself issues down the line when you come to update things. The aim is to keep things DRY!

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