Log Management & Managed Open Distro ELK Platform, Logit.io Launch New Teams & Users UI

Log Management & Managed Open Distro ELK Platform, Logit.io Launch New Teams & Users UI

Manchester, UK, May 19, 2021 - Log management and managed Open Distro ELK provider Logit.io announced today that they’ve launched an entirely new redesign of their teams and users pages to improve the user experience for users that wish to add additional members to teams and create new teams easier. 

Logit.io have also undertaken additional work to further improve the visibility of roles & access controls set across members within an account.

This redesign will prove especially useful for those that use Logit.io across a variety of different departments internally and externally for company-wide centralisation of log data and metrics.

New teams overview

Logit.io’s improved team settings overview provides users with a high-level view of all of their teams and also displays how many members are included within each team, a summary of the roles assigned with a team and the names of the ELK Stacks that each team has access to. 

From this page, users can also create a new team and also select an existing team to edit its settings.

Create a new team

Settings page for existing team

From the new and improved team settings page users can now assign the level of access and Stack usage permissions that they wish to give the members within a team as well as select which Stacks they have access to.

As well as these improvements added to the teams’ settings page Logit.io has also redesigned their user overview page and the new user invitation process to improve the visibility of each member’s responsibilities and level of access.

Each profile associated with a Logit.io account can now be expanded upon to show further insights relevant to each user. When any user profile is expanded users can now see which Stacks they have assigned to the profile selected, their level of access as well as their role and their unique Logit.io identifier.

User settings page

From the newly redesigned user invitation page, users will now have a much higher level of fine-grained access control to designate what team the new user will belong to whilst also being able to double-check which Stacks that team has access to prior to sending out a user’s invitation. 

Invite a new user page

In addition to this, users will find it much easier to add multiple users to an account at once. It is also possible to configure team permissions ahead of sending bulk invites to save the Administrations & team leader’s time when they may need to add multiple members from an organisation to their log and metrics management solution for improved collaboration across their organisation.

This newly designed teams & users journey forms just a small part of Logit.io’s continuous improvement of their platform & is offered free of charge to all users across EU, US and UK Open Distro ELK Stacks.

If you have any questions about this update or wish to discover how Logit.io can help you feel free to reach out to the team via their website or book an introductory meeting today.

About Logit.io

Logit.io provide a log management & metrics analysis platform that helps businesses around the globe scale and improves the observability of their IT infrastructure and cloud services by offering users a single centralised dashboard from which they can alert and monitor across key events affecting security, compliance and error resolution. 

Logit.io is used by engineers around the world to improve how they handle data, logs and metrics to unlock the true business value hidden within their data to make vital changes within their business.

If you require a log and metrics management platform with industry-leading customer support you can get started with Logit.io’s free full-service trial for 14 days and if you sign up for an annual plan you’ll also benefit from 20% off the total cost of the subscription.