Logit Improves Platform Speed Between 5x to 10x With NVMe Disk Upgrade

Logit Improves Platform Speed Between 5x to 10x With NVMe Disk Upgrade

Popular log management and analysis platform Logit have just announced that their improved NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSDs backed infrastructure is in place for all Elastic Stacks hosted on the platform.

The team at Logit realised that many enterprise-level organisations have yet to reap the benefits of using NVMe for faster more efficient management & analysis of their log data so are pleased to be able to bring this improvement for all new and existing users.

NVMe is one of the newest high-performance networking technologies changing the landscape of scalable infrastructure and assisting in decreasing infrastructure costs on a revolutionary scale.

Users can now enjoy faster cloud infrastructure thanks to a disaggregated NVMe storage built for scalability at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) possible. Average Elasticsearch & Kibana query response times are seeing speed improvements between 5x to 10x faster as a result of this migration to NVMe backed disks.

This is part of Logit’s continuous improvement of their platform & is offered free of charge to all users as of the end of June 2020.

NVMe backed SSDs are faster than the previously used SSDs by around 480,000 IOPs (Input/Output Operations Per Second) providing a very noticeable improvement on the 50,000 IOPs used previously by standard SSDs.

NVMe provides many advantages over legacy protocols as it reduces the occurrence of bottlenecks. NVMe has been shown across many enterprise use cases to increase the reliability of large file transfers, reduce latency, and also allow users lightning-fast access to their parsed log data. NVMe SSDs deliver 4x lower latency & read performance when compared to commonly used SATA SSDs & compared to standard U.2 SSDs provides 6x the front-accessible storage system density.

One of the most notable use cases for NVMe is it’s improved capabilities for supporting real-time big data analysis. This feature allows IT leaders to gain insights on mission-critical operations at lightning-fast speeds for cybersecurity as part of a comprehensive SIEM platform.

The new NVMe infrastructure Logit has put into place is just one of the latest measures they’ve implemented to ensure industry-leading hybrid cloud log management and analysis for IT leaders, business analysts & DevOps requiring reliable and compliant analytics & container monitoring.

Experience a faster log management & cloud observability platform today with Logit’s free 14-day trial:https://bit.ly/38buibK

Company Biography: Logit is used globally by thousands of users from both public & private sector organisations to manage the Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana & Beats). The platform provides a solution for complete cloud observability, infrastructure monitoring & business analytics. Logit is also fully ISO 27001 certified & GDPR compliant.



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