Project Description

This is the official Docker for Lenses that enables you to:

  • View and Query Kafka Topic Data (Avro & JSon) - Browse and query with Lenses SQL
  • View data topologies and monitor every aspect of your Kafka cluster
  • View and manage your Data Schemas
  • Build and monitor ETL pipelines with open source Kafka Connectors
  • Execute KStreams processors instrumented in SQL in Kubernetes or Connector workers
  • Set up alerting and external notifications on liveniness of streaming systems
  • Data governance: Auditing on all actions, data lineage & multi-tenancy
  • Fine-grained security. Role based access with LDAP support
  • Manage Quotas, ACLs

As a state-less application lenses fits naturally in containers and run on Kubernetes or Openshift. It integrates and helps you instrument and view your streaming data pipelines; as well as operate them with confidence!


Download source code as [.zip file] [.tar.gz file]
Documentation: [README]