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UI-driven GitOps: Opening up Kafka without giving up governance

As Kafka evolves in your business, adopting best practices becomes a must. The GitOps methodology makes sure deployments match intended outcomes, anchored by a single source of truth. When integrating Apache Kafka with GitOps, many will think of Strimzi. Strimzi uses the Operator pattern for synchronization. This approach, whilst effective, primarily caters to Kubernetes-based Kafka resources (e.g. Topics). But this isn’t ideal.

4 lessons from Kafka Summit London 2024

It was lovely to see so many of the community and hear about the latest data streaming initiatives at Kafka Summit this year. We always try to distill the sea of content from the industry’s premier event into a digestible blog post. This time we’ll do it slightly differently and summarize some broader learnings, not only from the sessions we saw, but the conversations we had across the two days.

Lenses 5.5 - Self-service streaming data movement, governed by GitOps

In this age of AI, the demand for real-time data integration is greater than ever. For many, these data pipelines should no longer be configured and deployed by centralized teams, but distributed, so that each owner creates their flows independently. But how to simplify this, whilst practicing good software and data governance? We are introducing Lenses 5.5.

4 reasons to integrate Apache Kafka and Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is a standout storage service known for its ease of use, power, and affordability. When combined with Apache Kafka, a popular streaming platform, it can significantly reduce costs and enhance service levels. In this post, we’ll explore various ways S3 is put to work in streaming data platforms.

Mission-critical data flows with the open-source Lenses Kafka Connector for Amazon S3

An effective data platform thrives on solid data integration, and for Kafka, S3 data flows are paramount. Data engineers often grapple with diverse data requests related to S3. Enter Lenses. By partnering with major enterprises, we've levelled up our S3 connector, making it the market's leading choice. We've also incorporated it into our Lenses 5.3 release, boosting Kafka topic backup/restore.

Lenses 5.3: Robust Kafka with single click topic backup/restore

Navigating the intricacies of Apache Kafka just got a lot more intuitive. With Lenses 5.3 we bring you peace of mind, regardless of where you are in your Kafka journey. Our newest release is all about smoothing out the bumps, and making sure you're equipped to handle Kafka's challenges with confidence. Here's a sprinkle of what's in store, ahead of our big 6.0 release later this year.

A single-click Kafka topic backup experience

We like to reduce the most mundane, complex and time-consuming work associated with managing a Kafka platform. One such task is backing up topic data. With a growing reliance on Kafka for various workloads, having a solid backup strategy is not just a nice-to-have, but a necessity. If you haven’t backed up your Kafka and you live in fear of disaster striking, worry no more.

Overview of Cloud storage for your data platform

One of the most important questions in architecting a data platform is where to store and archive data. In a blog series, we’ll cover the different storage strategies for Kafka and introduce you to Lenses’ S3 Connector for backup/restore. But in this first blog, we must introduce the different Cloud storage options available. Later blogs will focus on specific solutions, explain in more depth how this maps to Kafka and then how Lenses manage your Kafka topic backups.

Lenses 5.2: for a healthier Kafka with less manual effort

Kafka adoption is growing fast. Very fast. At Lenses, we’re pushing out new features to increase developer productivity, reduce manual effort & improve the cost & hygiene of operating your Kafka platform. Only a few weeks since Lenses 5.1, yet here we are again with more goodies in our release 5.2.