Founder's Guide to Setting Up a Data Analytics Foundation

Founder's Guide to Setting Up a Data Analytics Foundation

Feb 14, 2022

Business metrics guide founders and decision-makers to make the right call to push their ventures towards their goals. In the initial launch of a startup, the focus tends to be on revenue and profits. However, if a startup wants to scale up, it is important to broaden what metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are monitored at each stage, so that they can grow the business by using data instead of just intuition.

Good data allows companies to set up baselines, benchmarks, and goals to keep moving forward. But to benefit from data, a strong analytics foundation needs to be established which will be capable of facilitating proactive decision-making, creating a competitive advantage and driving organizational excellence. Join this session to understand the benefits of building a strong analytics foundation, how to build one and why this should be your topmost priority.

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Schedule: 1st March 2022, 9 AM PT

In this session you will learn:

  • The importance of a solid data foundation
  • Understanding the data needs of a startup
  • The building blocks of your data foundation
  • The metrics that startups founders should pay more attention to
  • How a Company Built its Analytics Foundation and Solved Complex Business Problems