GitTogether | Combine and Rule | Gunesh Patil

GitTogether | Combine and Rule | Gunesh Patil

May 2, 2024

Combinatorial testing is a crucial technique for ensuring software reliability by efficiently testing various combinations of input parameters. However, manual creation and execution of test cases for all possible combinations can be time-consuming and impractical. To address this challenge, this talk introduces an open-source tool designed to streamline combinatorial testing processes, maximizing test coverage while minimizing effort.

The tool leverages combinatorial algorithms to automatically generate a subset of test cases that cover a wide range of parameter combinations. By intelligently selecting representative combinations, it significantly reduces the number of test cases required without compromising coverage. This approach enables testers to identify defects efficiently and effectively, even in complex software systems with numerous input parameters.

Furthermore, the tool facilitates collaboration and integration within the software development lifecycle through its open-source nature. Community contributions and feedback enhance its robustness and feature set, ensuring continuous improvement and relevance in evolving testing environments.

🔑key takeaways are:-

  1. Learn how to achieve high coverage with minimal effort
  2. Improve the test coverage by combining parameters of system under test
  3. Automate test case generation from system design/ api specs

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