GitTogether | GenAI & Open Source | Kunal Deo

GitTogether | GenAI & Open Source | Kunal Deo

May 9, 2024

The resurgence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recent years owes much to a pivotal moment: the publication of a groundbreaking paper by Google. This event underscores the significant role of Open Source in advancing AI technologies. In this presentation, we delve into how Open Source is not just influencing but also shaping the landscape of Generative AI (GenAI). However, our focus extends beyond the traditional dichotomy of Open Source versus proprietary technologies. Instead, we explore the complementary nature of both realms in fostering the development of the AI ecosystem. Through examples such as the integration of Google's advanced Gemini model with Open Source technologies, we demonstrate how such collaborations are unlocking new possibilities and experiences previously deemed unattainable.

🔑key takeaways are:-
Open Source as a Catalyst for AI Innovation
Synergy Between Open Source and Proprietary Technologies
Practical Integration of Technologies
Future Directions for AI Development

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