How to Create a Cypress Test Run & Send Cypress Test Results to TestQuality with GitHub Repo Example

How to Create a Cypress Test Run & Send Cypress Test Results to TestQuality with GitHub Repo Example

An overview How to Create a Test Run in Cypress Test Automation Framework with Live Github repository code examples and How to Send Cypress Test Results to TestQuality Test Management Tool with Integration with CI/CD DevOps Pipeline.

This includes: initial TestQuality setup and project creation with integration with GitHub repository, creation of a test in TestQuality and a run in Cypress, examination of the run result file. How to upload a XML file to TestQuality with the Command Line Interface. Connecting CLI to TestQuality and the creation of an script for CI/CD and run Continuous Integration script and upload TestQuality Integration.

00:00 - Intro and create project

01:20 - Create a Test in TestQuality

01:55 - Create a Run in Cypress

05:55 - Examine Run result file

06:05 - Upload XML file to TestQuality

07:55 - Upload XML via CLI

10:25 - Connect CLI to TestQuality

11:10 - Integration Personal Access Token

13:40 - Create script for CI/CD

15:55 - Run CI script and Upload TestQuality Integration

TestQuality CLI GitHub Repo:

Compiled Commands can be downloaded from:

Repo Cypress example:

TestQuality Docs - GitHub Integrations:

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