Low-Risk Releases

Low-Risk Releases

Aug 4, 2021

The latest video in the Rollbar Solutions series, Low-Risk Releases, shows how Rollbar can be used to improve the release process for DevOps teams. Traditionally, releasing software has been a pain point for these teams; code changes made to higher environments provide opportunities for bugs to rear their ugly heads and affect customers directly. Rollbar's real-time monitoring and intelligence solutions help you find and fix these issues more quickly and effectively, reducing MTTA/MTTR metrics and thus the overall customer impact of these issues.

How Rollbar helps ensure Low-Risk Releases: https://rollbar.com/knowledge-base/how-rollbar-helps-ensure-low-risk-releases/

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Documentation: https://docs.rollbar.com/
Knowledge base: https://rollbar.com/knowledge-base/

0:00 Introduction

0:15 Agenda

0:42 Problem statement

01:39 Addressing the problem

03:22 Rollbar as a Solution/Desired outcomes

05:08 Change in workflow with Rollbar

06:40 Quick review of features

08:07 Automation Grade Grouping

10:05 Deploy tracking

10:48 Version tracking

11:18 Notifications

11:51 Specialized integrations

12:46 Intelligent alerting

13:26 Demos

14:17 Demo: CI/CD tools

15:17 Demo: Deploy tracking & automation

19:50 Demo: Environment tagging

21:40 Demo: Grouping engine

22:30 Demo: Versions tracking

23:07 Demo: Notifications, intelligent alerting

26:11 Demo: LaunchDarkly Feature flagging

29:08 Additional resources