Making Smarter Decisions with DataScience - The upGrad Way

Making Smarter Decisions with DataScience - The upGrad Way

Jan 18, 2022

A large amount of data is generated daily. It is very critical to understand how this ocean of information could be put to the best use. Data Science has helped organizations build differentiators using all these data points, thereby delivering a personalized experience. In the ed-tech space alone, there could be several use-cases starting from helping learners make the right choice with regards to their career decisions, guiding them through their learning journey, and finally connecting them with the most suitable career opportunities.

Attend this session to learn how upGrad leverages data science to organize learners’ data into journeys that can be optimized.

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In this session you will learn:

1) How upGrad builds their learners’ journeys through data
2) How to make optimal use of data science to personalize the learning experience
3) A glimpse into the future of smarter EdTech