Tosca Server HTTPS setup v15.0 and Above

Tosca Server HTTPS setup v15.0 and Above

This video demonstrates how to set up Tosca Server HTTPS for version 15.0 and above. It also outlines the hardware and software requirements for installing and setting up Tosca Server along with HTTPS by using a Company SSL certificate. With the help of this video, you will be able to:

  • Describe the system requirements for Tosca Server HTTPS set up for version 15.0 and above
  • Demonstrates how to set up Tosca server HTTPS using a Company SSL certificate
  • Illustrates how to update the web hosted services of Tricentis Tosca Server

You can find the steps to request the SSL Certificate in this video -

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Tricentis Tosca Server.
Version used in this video: 15.0 and above
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Chapter Markers:
00:00: Introduction
00:13: Prerequisites
01:14: SSL Certificate
02:35: Certificates Location
03:00: Tosca Server Installation
05:10: Tosca Server Settings