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June 2020

Data-driven marketing 101: benefits, examples and implementation

Back in the old days, marketing was ridden with a lot of guesswork. Sometimes, unexpected campaigns brought new leads and converted prospects into customers. Other times, the best-designed campaigns flopped, the market remained unmoved and all you could hear after the launch of a campaign was silence. Data-driven marketing rose from the pains of this insecurity and took on the overwhelming growth of data for its support.

How to be 10x more productive than the average data scientist

Being more productive than your super competitive peer group is hard. Being 10 times more productive might sound like an impossibility, an exaggeration.... or even a myth (unicorn, you say?). A 10x data scientist is literally 10 times more productive than the average data scientist. The skillsets of these data scientists create better career opportunities, higher peer recognition, and more interesting projects to work on.

How we build custom data extractors to meet client ETL Needs

On one of our webinars in April 2020 we talked about the developer portal and how our developer community are pushing the Keboola Connection platform into places that often surprise our own core team. Our partners often are the creative ones, adding their knowledge and expertise to expand our platform in service of our shared customers and their varying needs. This is a guest post, written by Johnathan Brook, Solutions Architect at 4 Mile Analytics.