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December 2020

The Easiest Way to Monitor Node.js: Automatic Instrumentation

Monitoring for your Node.js apps can be hard. The tricky part is understanding what you need to monitor, instrumenting your code, and then making sense of all the data that’s been emitted. (That’s almost every part you might say 😅 ). At AppSignal, we dogfood our product and understand the pain users feel ourselves. The key points we focus on are the ease of use, flexibility, and developer experience.

Building a Multi-tenant Ruby on Rails App With Subdomains

According to a definition of multitenancy, when an app serves multiple tenants, it means that there are a few groups of users who share common access to the software instance. An excellent example of an app that supports multitenancy is the Jira platform, where each company has its subdomain to access the software, for example,

Fast & Curious: Find and Fix Slow Queries & API Requests

AppSignal was built because we were tired of slow and clumsy monitoring setups. Instead, we built monitoring that’s easy yet powerful - an intuitive interface enables you to figure out what’s happening in no time. Today, our team made finding slow events effortless. We’ve fully overhauled our slow events feature, helping developers to quickly find and fix slow queries and API requests.