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April 2021

How to Handle Complexity in ISO 26262 Compliance Workflows

When you need to comply with functional safety standards like ISO 26262, you need to establish a compliance workflow. This is critical for both ISO 26262 semiconductor design and software design. In this blog, we breakdown how to handle complexity of semiconductor IPs in ISO 26262 compliance workflows.

Security Best Practices + Klocwork

Security best practices are essential to follow when installing any web-based application. Here, we outline the steps for setting up Klocwork, a static code analysis and SAST tool, for secure operations. This process is generally on-premises and behind a firewall. There should be additional precautions taken in the case of exposing anything on the internet. Read along or jump ahead to the section that interests you the most.

Helix ALM vs. Doors Next

Helix ALM is an application lifecycle management tool, which includes requirements management, test case management, and issue management. It is applicable across a broad range of methodologies, including modern agile practices, traditional waterfall development, or a hybrid approach. Because it encompasses a broad scope of records and team activities, Helix ALM specializes in end-to-end traceability and configurable workflows.

Virtual Reality Retail: Next-Gen Shopping Experience

Virtual reality retail experiences are transforming brick-and-mortar shopping. With the global augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) market expected to reach 1.6 billion by 2021, there is massive potential to expand into virtual spaces. Creating a virtual shopping experience helps both retailers and consumers. It can reduce overall operating costs and offer immersive experiences for consumers to try and customize before they buy. So how can retailers build VR in retail?

Enabling Oracle SSL/TLS Encryption

In our previous post on securing Oracle applications, we discussed how to enable Oracle Native Network Encryption for your client and server. In the conclusion however, we noted some of the shortcomings of using that security mechanism (potential for man-in-the-middle attacks, inability to control secure certificates, etc.). Here we begin to address those issues by instead enabling SSL/TLS encryption between the Oracle client and database.

Semiconductor Design: Looking Ahead With Methodics & Perforce

Synergies in the semiconductor industry are an everyday occurrence and have become a part of the ever-changing landscape. One recent joint solution that made perfect sense was that of Perforce and Methodics, as the partnership existed before Perforce acquired Methodics in late 2020.

Future Scope of Digital Twins Technology

Digital twin technology has been around for years. But recently, industries have started to leverage it as a cost-effective method for creating prototypes to test, analyze, and study real-world simulations. Learn more about digital twins and get digital twin examples to learn how they could help you build bigger and better products.

Enabling Oracle Native Network Encryption

Network encryption is a vital security step in hardening your application and guarding your data. Additionally, it is more often becoming a requirement by many organizations and laws such as HIPAA. In this article, we will discuss how to secure network communication between your application and the Oracle database using Oracle Native Network Encryption. We will demonstrate how encryption can be enabled and leveraged from SourcePro DB with no source code changes to your application.

Helix QAC 2021.1 Continues to Provide In-Depth, High-Quality Compliance Coverage

With the latest release of Helix QAC, the static code analysis tool continues to provide you with in-depth, high-quality compliance coverage for C and C++ coding languages. However, what makes Helix QAC 2021.1 notable is that it now offers complete support for many key coding standards. Here is an overview of the most impactful enhancements made to Helix QAC.

5 Ways to Effectively Import Your Product Requirements

Product lifecycle management is all about the dynamics between requirements and their fulfilment (e.g., the ability to test and prove that a requirement is fully covered, as defined during the product planning phase). Understanding this relationship, and respecting it unconditionally, allows great products to achieve world-class quality and stability. For the majority of products, the combination of people, processes, and technology is triggering different forms of changes to the original plan.


A Guide to Security in Software Development

With the ever increasing frequency of cyberattacks, software security is not only essential but necessary. The most effective and efficient practice for safeguarding software is with secure coding standards. When used effectively, these standards prevent, detect, and eliminate errors that could compromise software security. Even though secure coding standards are not overly complex, it can nevertheless be a challenge knowing when and how to use the right standard. For that reason, it is important that you learn about the key secure coding standards and how to comply with them.

Compliance, Quality, and Efficiency for GDPR

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requires businesses to protect the personal data they hold for any citizens of Europe. It pertains to those organizations that operate within the EU (European Union), and also those that offer goods and services to individuals in the EU. Proving GDPR compliance is all about documentation. It can be difficult, however, to cover your bases reliably and efficiently. Especially when regulations change.