Apigee: How Embedded Finance is Disrupting the Financial Services Industry

Apigee: How Embedded Finance is Disrupting the Financial Services Industry


Banking used to mean, literally, going to the bank – to the building that housed the loan officers, tellers, advisers, and other financial services personnel. Now, most financial transactions happen via mobile apps, websites, email, text messages, and other digital communications. While financial institutions are slowly adjusting to this new norm, they are facing yet another challenge: because digitizing existing services is no longer enough to satisfy consumer expectations, the future is about embracing embedded finance. With embedded finance, companies can meet customers where they are, at their convenience, and on their own terms.

Embedded finance also enables banks, insurers, and wealth management companies to form valuable partnerships with companies in other industries such as technology, retail, and telecommunications, not only for delivering superior customer experiences but also to open new revenue streams and expand their customer bases. These experiences are becoming the dominant design of financial services distribution, which is why financial institutions need to build modern infrastructures to capitalize on their data and services so they can foster and sustain robust customer relationships.

Join the conversation with our finance experts and learn more about:

  • Best practices in building a financial services distribution model with the Embedded Finance approach
  • What are the accelerants of Embedded Finance
  • What are the obstacles to Embedded Finance and which are technological and which are related to corporate culture

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