Apigee: How HP Innovates with Digital Customer Experiences

Apigee: How HP Innovates with Digital Customer Experiences


Today’s world is cluttered with messages, devices, and alerts. Customers are getting inundated with digital messages and have to be more selective on what they focus on or ignore. To hold customers’ attention and stand out, businesses must deliver personalized digital experiences that both meet and dare to surpass customers’ increasingly high expectations for a digital, in-person, and hybrid landscape.

Digital experiences are the dominant factor in a customer’s purchasing decision. That friction-less and personalized experience must be delivered quickly across multiple devices. How do businesses meet these high expectations? Engage in the discussion with Evan Scheessele, the DevEx Leader of HP, Inc., who explores how they have created digital experiences built with APIs to deliver more personalized, adaptable, and consistent experiences that delight their customers.

Join us and learn:
The common challenges that keep businesses from delivering excellent digital experiences
What consumers expect from modern digital experiences today and how to deliver these experiences
How Hewlett-Packard leverages APIs as experience touchpoints for every step along the customer’s buying journey
How to deliver personalized digital experiences across devices that aim to delight

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