Apigee: How Schneider Electric Innovates to Solve Efficiency and Sustainability Challenges

Apigee: How Schneider Electric Innovates to Solve Efficiency and Sustainability Challenges


In today’s increasingly connected world, enterprises that identify as independent or self-reliant are ultimately unable to meet customer expectations and market needs. The ability to build and deliver application innovation to customers is no longer enough to keep up with competition – scaling innovation is just as important as building it, if not more. Enterprises must quickly shift from developing technology and offerings in siloes to co-developing innovations by leveraging a broader ecosystem of people and technologies. With APIs, these networks of business ecosystems become feasible at significant scale.

Join a conversation with Amit Shorey, Senior Product Manager of Schneider Electric, who explores how the energy and sustainability company has increased their value from their innovative offerings by digitally connecting them to ecosystems of partners, developers, and customers. Not only this type of Open Innovation help enterprises devise new ways of attracting, delighting, and serving customers, but it also deepens their influence in more domains and drives new revenue streams.

Join this webcast and learn:

  • New ways to think beyond traditional partnerships to unlock new opportunities, grow more revenue streams, and increase market share on a global scale
  • What a business ecosystem may look like for your enterprise and how to drive Open Innovation to key digital innovators
  • How business ecosystems are built, scaled, and powered by APIs
  • How Schneider Electric built a successful and open business ecosystem with APIs and what benefits they have seen

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Schneider Electric’s mission is to be your digital partner for sustainability and efficiency. Founded in 1836 during the first Industrial Revolution, Schneider has spent nearly two centuries creating a robust portfolio of energy and automation digital solutions to empower everyone to do more with their energy and resources.