Apigee: How to Unlock your Data for Innovation with "API-first Integration"

Apigee: How to Unlock your Data for Innovation with "API-first Integration"


Digital transformation is driven by the innovations built with the power of connected data and applications. Enterprises need to be able to seamlessly integrate their existing data and applications so they can be surfaced as easily accessible APIs that power new experiences and business models. This strategy empowers enterprises to extend the value they already possess with new technologies, managed services, ecosystems, and support.

Managing all of this data, connecting sources, integrating applications, and surfacing them as easy-to-use APIs for development is a crucial competency for any IT organization. But the current approach to integration is inefficient and flawed because it looks at the problem based on the structure of existing data and applications. The right strategy to develop new digital experiences needs to lead with the “API-first” approach to integration.

Join the conversation with our API experts and learn more about:

  • Common use cases to evaluate the best strategy for API-first approach
  • The “secret sauce” recipe on how to manage large amounts of data and prioritize it for development of an API
  • Demo on how to integrate applications and surface them as APIs that power new business models

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