Apigee: Lean Business Services at the Apigee Online Meetup

Apigee: Lean Business Services at the Apigee Online Meetup


Founded in 2017, Lean Business Services is a government-owned company that has the important mission of driving digital health innovation in Saudi Arabia. Lean is building new services and platforms at the heart of the health ecosystem: connecting public and private sectors, insurers, hospitals and patients.

Platform strategies in healthcare are fraught with difficulty: regulation, legacy such as Electronic Healthcare Record systems, valuable medical information on paper records, and often the complexity and size of the ecosystem itself. Inspired by digital natives such as Google, Lean is ambitiously delivering new centralised platforms and services at speed.

In this session, discover how Lean’s API strategy is:

  • Enabling new patient digital experiences such as e-prescriptions and vaccinations
  • Unlocking benefits to operators around efficiency and accountability
  • Connecting healthcare ecosystem organisations faster
  • Enabling skilled healthcare professionals to help citizens in remote locations
  • Improving proactive healthcare services through apps and AI