Apigee: Transforming global hospitality business

Apigee: Transforming global hospitality business


Global hospitality: How Accor’s API strategy is a foundation for growth with new channels, partners, and experiences

Accor is one of the world’s largest hospitality companies and operates in 110 countries with 5100 locations. The business wants to offer their portfolio of services which includes rooms, food and beverage, fitness, and wellness, to partners across a global market which is incredibly diverse.

Of course the sector has experienced an extremely difficult time due to the current ongoing situation. Despite this, Accor have continued executing on their API strategy recognising that it is key for future growth.

In this session, we’ll explore what their business is doing as they strategically plan for the future, and how Accor’s API strategy is:
Increasing customer satisfaction by improving their omni-channel experiences and enriching their loyalty offerings.
Enabling the business to offer new channels and experiences.
Increasing new revenue lines by distributing products and services to a rich ecosystem of partners.