InsightSoftware: Enhancing Your Application Insights Through Embedding Analytics

InsightSoftware: Enhancing Your Application Insights Through Embedding Analytics


Embedding analytics directly into your application enhances decision intelligence by supplying your team and end-users with actionable insights. You may be familiar with the many benefits embedded analytics offers, including seamless access to real-time data, strong actionable insights, and enhanced productivity. But what about the process of embedding content itself? Most people are surprised to learn that embedding content into your application with Logi Symphony is seamless and straightforward. Well, now you can see for yourself.

We invite you to a webinar on May 16, where you will learn a practical application of Logi Symphony’s industry-leading embedded analytics capabilities. Equipped with these insights, your development team will be able to provide unrivaled analytics experience within your application. This includes:

  • Embedding content in Logi Symphony: Connecting to data, dashboard building, and viewing content in an open application.
  • How embedding is performed in Logi Symphony: Using Logi playground, embedding snippets and code.
  • Recent changes to i-frameless embedding: Why Logi Symphony customers don’t need to worry about recent changes to Google Chrome.
  • How embedding content enhances end-user experience.
  • Visual Data Discovery using a Logi AI chatbot.

This webinar aims to demonstrate how to easily embed analytics directly into applications and webpages using Logi Symphony. Whether you are an existing Logi Symphony user or searching for a pre-built analytics solution for your organization, this session will help demystify how to specifically embed your analytics into an application.