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Top 10 Reasons to Acquire a Product Information Management Solution (PIM or PXM)

Implementing a PIM or PXM* solution will bring numerous benefits to your organization, in terms of improving efficiency, increasing sales and conversions, reducing returns, and promoting customer loyalty through more accurate, more complete, and more engaging product content. Here we explore these benefits in more detail.

What is Data Mapping?

The quick and dirty definition of data mapping is the process of connecting different types of data from various data sources. Data mapping is essential for integration, migration, and transformation of different data sets; it allows you to improve your data quality by preventing duplications and redundancies in your data fields. Data mapping is a crucial step in data modeling and can help organizations achieve their business goals by enabling data integration, migration, transformation, and quality.

3 Ways Embedded Analytics Boosts Data Literacy

Put simply, data literacy is the ability to translate data into insights, a capability that every technology buyer is seeking this year. The importance of data has been well established and technology leaders understand the value sitting dormant in their ever-growing databases. When researching the right application for their teams, features that boost data literacy will be front of mind for your buyers.

Logi Symphony: Essential Customer Information

The landscape of business intelligence (BI) is undergoing a metamorphosis, demanding solutions that transcend static reports and siloed data. At insightsoftware, we’re not merely keeping pace with this evolution – we’re spearheading it with the transformative rebirth of Logi Symphony. Gone are the days of cumbersome BI 1.0 and self-service limitations of BI 2.0.

Optimize SAP Data Analysis for a Sustainable Future

Monitoring your carbon footprint aligns your company with global efforts to address climate change and serves as a cornerstone of responsible corporate governance and cutting-edge sustainable business practices. Understanding your SAP data to its fullest is the first step on the journey towards a more sustainable future. With an advanced operational reporting solution that delivers proper data analysis, you can put your best foot forward.

Accelerate Your Roadmap, Delight Your Customers: How Embedded Analytics Supercharges Your Application

As technology advances, so do user expectations. Advanced analytics has emerged as a hot topic and a key area of focus for buyers looking to provide higher quality analysis to inform business decision-making in a turbulent market. Furthermore, the era of cheap money is over. Funding is scarce and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) must ensure their offer is seen as an essential expense for financially constrained buyers, delivering quick value, quality, and innovation.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving to the Cloud

As we assess the technological landscape for the new year, one of the only guarantees is that technology will continue to evolve. Cloud migration and support are top-of-mind for worldwide organizations–this year, cloud computing is forecast to surpass $1 trillion worldwide for the first time. Cloud-based ERPs reduce operating costs, can help automate processes, and provide finance teams with greater autonomy.

How to Increase Data Reliability in Construction

Between soaring material costs and the impact of inflation, the construction industry has had to practice extra agility and resilience in recent years. Market upheaval, including skills shortages and supply chain disruptions have made financial reporting in the construction industry even more challenging. Manually exporting data into static spreadsheets adds another roadblock–when reports are manually exported or input, information grows stale quickly.

Optimizing Your Data Story

Picture it with me: a time when you were a child and someone read your favorite story to you, or when you were an adult and you read someone their favorite story. I want you to focus on the emotions remembering that experience generated. Personally, I thought about reading the book, “Guess How Much I Love You,” to my daughter when she was young and how she would sit on my lap and hang on to every word.

Embedded Analytics in 2023: A Year in Review

2023 was a big year for developers, with technology taking huge leaps forward in new and exciting areas like AI. With this new unlocked potential, advanced analytics jumped back to the top of the capability wish list for many technology buyers. With customers now expecting more than ever from analytics, many development teams invested in embedded analytics solutions to reduce the workload and time to value for their applications. Here are some of the top trends from last year in embedded analytics.