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Adobe is buying Figma because building collaborative experiences is hard

Yesterday, Thursday 15th September, Adobe agreed to buy the collaborative design tool Figma for $20bn. Figma is a browser-based tool that enables team members to work together simultaneously to create, modify and comment upon designs in realtime. It’s part of a new breed of online tools that enable the creative process to be live and collaborative. Figma was rumored to be in the running for acquisition by Microsoft, and Adobe has paid top price to snap it up.


Gaining Insights and a Competitive Edge from Unstructured Data - Snowflake Announces Intent to Acquire Applica

About 80% of the world’s data is unstructured. Unstructured data within documents, emails, web pages, images, comments on blogs and social media sites, and more can be extraordinarily valuable, making the ability to process this kind of data vital for organizations that want to make data-driven decisions.


Propelling into the Digital Orbit: Cigniti's Digital Journey and Insights into our Acquisition of Aparaa Digital (RoundSqr)

Successful companies are those that are becoming Digital First. Research shows operating models, EBIDTA margins, market share and brand longevity are all tied to Digital experiences that companies can offer to their end customers. No vertical segment is exception to this. Digital today is a dialogue that confluences a cross section of CXOs inside a company whose goals are tied to Digital outcomes that they own and deliver. As Marc Anderseen famously said, Software is eating the world.


Perforce + Puppet: Better Together

Our mission is to help our customers solve the hardest challenges in DevOps and we take this mission seriously. We’ve fully embraced the opportunity to grow, build stronger communities, and bring new capabilities to enterprise teams, so there’s nothing getting in the way of innovation. Our comprehensive solutions and deep domain expertise enable those same customers to address quality, security, compliance, collaboration and speed—across the technology lifecycle, at scale.


Talend's acquisition of Gamma Soft offers exciting new capabilities for our customers

I am so pleased to announce that Talend has acquired Gamma Soft, a change data capture market innovator. This is a significant enhancement in the capabilities Talend can provide its customers and partners. Talend’s company vision is to take the work out of working with data, and we're thrilled to add Gamma Soft’s technology to our offerings to do this. Change data capture (CDC) technology is highly sought after by many companies.