InsightSoftware: Exploring Logi Composer Playground

InsightSoftware: Exploring Logi Composer Playground


The new Composer Playground puts the power of customized dashboards, personalized self- service and embedded APIs in the hands of software teams. Logi Composer’s low-code, out-out-of-the box capabilities mean faster time-to-market for your application and faster time-to-insights for your end users.

Logi Composer will take your customers’ analytics to the next level without a long development cycle, exceed their end users’ self-service expectations, seamlessly integrate, and unlock the true value of your data. With the Playground we can let Composer speak for itself.

Felipe Blanco, Senior Engineering Manager, and Hayley Wilson, Team Lead, take a tour of Composer Playground and its core functionalities – embed options, dashboard customization features, personalized self-service, and other advanced features.

Attendees will learn:

  • Where to find Composer Playground
  • How to navigate within it
  • What Composer functionality can do for you