InsightSoftware: Insider Secrets to Boosting User Adoption

InsightSoftware: Insider Secrets to Boosting User Adoption


Software teams don’t want their hard work to be wasted on an application that users rarely use. If their goal is to boost user adoption of their application, their focus should always remain on creating features that bring the most value for their end user. Within the correct context, analytics have the power to give their users more immediate insights, which help them make essential, data-driven decisions.

Seth Hutcheson, Senior Product Manager at insightsoftware, and Mya Nguyen, Product Marketing Manager, for a webinar that discusses the value-adds of embedded analytics that will make your application a must-have for your end users.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why embedding analytics within existing workflows creates better context and more value
  • How self-service applications create intuitive workflows that drive adoption
  • Different ways to improve your application’s data quality