InsightSoftware: Measuring Product Innovation ROI

InsightSoftware: Measuring Product Innovation ROI


More than ever before, Product Managers are expected to back product decisions with data that connects innovation to strategic business objectives. But what exactly are the lagging and leading indicators for offering value to customers, and how can these be clearly connected to business success?

Join us for a conversation with innovation thought leader, Tristan Kromer, lean startup coach and founder of Kromatic Marketing. He’ll discuss how Innovation Accounting, a key element of the lean startup approach, enables product owners and developers to create useful metrics that offer insight into user engagement, product-market fit, and scalability. Additionally, host Suzanne Ryan will share how Logi Analytics, an insightsoftware company, helps application teams jump straight to the head of the innovation line, saving dev hours and delighting customers with embedded analytics.

You’ll learn:

  • The basics of Innovation Accounting
  • How to determine which metrics matter
  • How Innovation Accounting drives faster innovation