Katalon: Flaky Tests "Painkillers" - Methods that work!

Katalon: Flaky Tests "Painkillers" - Methods that work!


Flaky test has always been a thorn that impedes an optimal product lifecycle. They not only lower the organization’s confidence in automated testing but also creates obstacles in being able to meet strict requirements from stakeholders and end-users.

As a response to this sought-after topic, Jagmit Sigh – the Katalon Community Ambassador will unveil his secrets on dealing with flaky tests with ease in KataMeet Episode #1. Equipped with more than 10 years of IT experience across development and testing roles, Jagmit will help teams to formulate practical test flakiness-handling strategies to counter and relieve these headaches that they cause.

This webinar will walk you through:

  • The drawbacks and top five causes of flaky tests in test automation
  • The standardized process to identify, investigate, and remove test flakiness
  • Katalon Studio and Katalon TestOps integration helps resolve flakiness and regain test reliability

Who should attend?

  • Automation engineers who want to reduce test flakiness and maximize their testing productivity
  • Project managers and team leaders who want to better understand their project quality
  • Those who are keen on sharpening testing skills or expanding their knowledge

About KataMeet

The “KataMeet” virtual program provides testers with infinite learning opportunities through hands-on experiences and best practices from Katalon experts. It is not only a playground for Katalon users to raise their voices and inspire fellow testers in their testing journey ahead, but also to grow the Katalon’s community in making automation testing accessible for everyone.