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What is Test Data Management? Definition, Tools, Best Practices

Test data management (TDM) is usually ignored despite its undeniable contribution to the overall success of the testing process. In complex testing projects with many test scenarios to cover, test data management is a highly critical area to optimize for. QA teams need diverse and comprehensive test data to achieve higher test coverage, and that brings up the need to have a separate place where that data is properly stored, managed, maintained, and set up for future testing.

Top 7 Puppeteer Alternatives For Your QA Team

QA Puppeteer is among the top Node.js libraries widely used for headless Chrome testing. It allows testers to do web scraping, taking screenshots, filling out forms, and many more automated testing activities. However, there comes a time when these capabilities are not enough, and testers need to find a Puppeteer alternative.

Introducing the New and Improved TrueTest From Katalon

Dear Katalon Community, I'm thrilled to share with you the latest updates on TrueTest, Katalon's innovative product designed to revolutionize the way you approach regression testing. As the Product Manager for TrueTest, I've seen firsthand the evolution of this tool, and I'm excited to share our journey and the major improvements we've incorporated in our new release.

Top 10 Appium Alternatives For Mobile Testing

Appium is widely loved by the software testing community, especially for web and mobile applications. It offers strong cross-platform support along with language flexibility, and most importantly, Appium does not require embedding a testing agent inside the app’s code, maintaining its integrity during the testing process. However, Appium does have several disadvantages: This is when we need Appium alternatives. They are usually low-code or no-code platforms to help you do mobile testing faster.

Top 10 Desktop Automation Tools For Testing That QA Teams Should Know

When compared with web testing or mobile testing, desktop testing has relatively lower demand. The widespread adoption of web and mobile applications as well as the increasing reliance on online services is the reason why. However, for businesses where desktop applications are still in use, having a decent tool for this activity is a must. In this article, we list down the top 10 desktop automation tools for you to choose from.

Guide for a Smooth Transition - Upgrade Katalon Studio from 8.x to 9.x

In late 2023, we proudly introduced Katalon Studio 9.0, 9.1, and 9.2 release, the latest editions of Katalon's test authoring capabilities. This release boasts major upgrades in our core libraries, introduces the AI-powered coding assistant StudioAssist, and supports Appium 2.0 for more streamlined mobile testing. With these enhancements, you can now reduce coding time, resolve issues faster, enhance test coverage, and minimize risks associated with coding.

Top 8 Cross-browser Testing Tools For Mobile & Web

Admittedly, Chrome is the dominating browser with around 62.3% of market share as of Nov 2023, but if you only test your websites on Google Chrome, there is still around 38.7% of your users who visit your site on other browsers that you are missing out on. What if a bug occurs on those browsers? To ensure that no bugs went undetected, you need cross-browser testing. To test across browsers, you may need a cross-browser testing tool.

Katalon vs TestComplete: A Detailed Comparison

Testing is an essential part of any software development project to meet the ever-rising quality standards and deliver exceptional user experience. QA teams usually leverage automation testing tools with robust features to streamline this process and deliver quality faster. In this article, we compare 2 of the top candidates loved by QA professionals over the world: Katalon vs TestComplete. What will we cover in this review?

Top 8 SAP Testing Tools For Your QA Team

SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing) is a multinational software corporation founded in 1972, providing software solutions for business process management, with a focus on enterprise resource planning (ERP). From a small startup, it has witnessed remarkable growth to become a global enterprise with over 105,000 employees.

A Glimpse Back at Katalon's 2023

Dear our valued customers, users, and partners, Cheers to a New Year filled with exciting possibilities! We hope you welcomed 2024 with joy and surrounded by your loved ones. As we close the chapter in 2023, we're excited to share a snapshot of the year's dynamic journey with you. From breaking through challenges to introducing cutting-edge features, your partnership has been key to our success.