Kong: WebAssembly in Kong using WasmX [User Call]

Kong: WebAssembly in Kong using WasmX [User Call]


Get a technical preview of the upcoming support for WebAssembly in the Kong Gateway leveraging WasmX, a project created by Kong that adds WebAssembly support into Nginx. In our November User Call, Hisham Muhammad (Software Engineer at Kong) will walk you through:

• WebAssembly and what kinds of multi-language development it allows

• WasmX and how it extends Nginx capabilities to support WebAssembly in a way that is Virtual Machine agnostic

• Proxy-Wasm, the emerging standard for gateway extensions using Wasm, allowing filters to be written once and used in different gateways or meshes that support the format

• How WasmX integrates into the Kong Gateway, enabling the execution of Proxy-Wasm filters as easily as Kong Plugins