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What's New in Kong Gateway 3.2 and Kong Ingress Controller 2.9

Join us for our March User Call where we will show you all new features and updates in Kong Gateway 3.2 and Kong Ingress Controller 2.9. Tom Brightbill (Group Product Manager) will show you all new and exciting updates in Kong Gateway 3.2. In the new release, you will find new key functionality for everyone who operates Kong Enterprise in a hybrid environment, which further enhances its reliability.

Building a Cloud Agnostic API Platform - Design and Best Practices

In this episode of our Tech Talk series, Siddharth Saikumar (Cloud Security Engineering, Vanguard) and Ragunath Sudalaimuthu (Lead Software Engineer, Lowe’s) will show us design and best practices for building a cloud agnostic API platform. Digital modernization accelerated the API ecosystem in every organization. A successful API strategy is paramount to an organization’s growth trajectory.

API Secrets Management: Integrating Kong Gateway with Your Favorite Identity Manager

What is Kong Secrets Management? Kong Secrets Management is a new feature that allows you to safely store and retrieve secrets used throughout the Kong Gateway deployment, improving the fundamental security of your applications. Securing your entire Kong deployment with centralized secrets makes it easier to manage and build governance around your Kong deployments.

Kuma Gateway API: Your Secret Weapon for Multi-region and Universal API Connectivity | #kuma

🐻 In this episode of #kongbuilders @ViktorGamov , a principal developer advocate at kong, talks to Mike Beaumont, Software Engineer at @KongInc about deploying a mesh spanning multiple regions and using Kong Mesh’s built-in, Envoy-based Gateway for directing traffic.

Empower Developers, Wow Customers, with Kong.

Empower Developers. Wow Customers. Build delightful customer experiences and unleash developer productivity with Kong, the fastest cloud native API platform. The Future of API Management is Here APIs are the building blocks of modern applications, making up 80% of internet traffic. Take control of these connections across any environment with Kong. Kong helps you stay ahead of customer demand (and the competition) with connected, scaled, and secured applications.

Unlock Microservices Mastery: OpenTelemetry in Kong Gateway

Join our #KongBuilders Livestream on February 8th where Viktor Gamov (Principal Developer Advocate at Kong) will discuss OpenTelemetry in Kong Gateway! Are you tired of struggling to understand the flow of requests and responses through your microservices? Want to know the secret to identifying and troubleshoot issues quickly? Then you wouldn't want to miss our upcoming #KongBuilders livestream on using OpenTelemetry’s tracing solution with Kong Gateway!