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What's New in Kong Gateway 3.6

Kong Gateway 3.6 delivers a variety of new capabilities, enhanced UX and a brand new feature that we can't talk about yet. There are new Consumer Group capabilities, increased security when working with Hashicorp Vault or OpenID Connect, and there will even be a live demo of the brand new feature. Join Michael Heap (Sr Director of Developer Experience) and Veena Rajarathna (Staff Product Manager) as they walk you through what's new in the 3.6 release. You don’t want to miss this session!

Kong Ingress Controller for Kong Gateway Users

If you're an existing Kong Gateway user who is starting to dip their toes in to Kubernetes, this session is for you! Join Michael as he explains how Kong Ingress Controller works using Kong Gateway concepts. There will be a brief introduction to Kubernetes, and explanation of how to configure Kong entities on Kubernetes and even a live demo to show how it all fits together.

Kong Gateway 3.5 Updates & WASM Support

We are thrilled to share with you the updates from the Kong Gateway 3.5 release! You will find a ton of new features, anchored by improvements across observability, security posture, performance, and deVx. Observability: Security: Performance: DevEx: We will also talk about the improvements in WebAssembly support in Kong Gateway 3.5. Since our initial release in 3.4, we’ve taken your feedback to heart and made various changes and improvements to both the back-end implementation of this feature and the end-user experience.

Gateway API: What's Next After GA

With the recent general availability (GA) release of Gateway API, a key building block for Kubernetes ingress is now stable and ready for production use. However, the GA milestone is just the beginning. There are many new capabilities and enhancements planned for Gateway API that will make it even more powerful and flexible. In this webinar, we will look at what's coming next for Gateway API and how the project plans to evolve.

Gateway to the Future: Kong Ingress Controller 3.0

The Kubernetes Gateway API is the future of Kubernetes networking, and Kong are all-in. Kong Ingress Controller (KIC) was the first ingress controller to submit a conformance profile, and we continue to lead the pack. KIC 3.0 adds official support for the Gateway API and makes it the default way to configure Kong Gateway on Kubernetes.

Quick Look: Why Federated API Management? - Kong Konnect Control Planes Demo | API Summit

Quick Look: Why Federated API Management? - Kong Konnect Control Planes Demo by Eddy Lee | API Summit Join Eddy Lee, Senior Product Manager at Kong, in this short demonstration focusing on Kong Konnect Control Planes. Eddy highlights the value of federation in API management, showcasing the newly revamped UI of Kong Konnect and how developers can now easily overview and manage control planes, enhancing efficiency and control in API connectivity.

Quick Look: Why Federated API Management? - Deployment Methods Walkthrough | API Summit

Quick Look: Why Federated API Management? - Deployment Methods Walkthrough by Gabriella Angiolillo | API Summit In this brief overview, Gabriella Angiolillo, Director of Product Management at Kong, walks through different deployment models for API infrastructure. Gabriella discusses the pros and cons of centralized and decentralized approaches, highlighting how each impacts development, security, and innovation.

Master Blue-Green Deployments with Kong Gateway Operator | Kong Tutorials

🔵�� Dive into the seamless world of Blue-Green Deployments with Kong Gateway Operator in our latest Kong Tech Talks episode. Viktor, a cloud-native aficionado, explains the nuts and bolts of implementing blue-green deployment strategies for gateway data planes using the powerful Kong Gateway Operator. Whether you're a DevOps engineer, a systems architect, or just passionate about cloud-native technologies, this video is your gateway to mastering zero-downtime updates.

Global Deployments with Kong Konnect & Koyeb!

🌍 Mastering Global Deployments with Kong Konnect & Koyeb! Our dynamic duo Danny Freese and Viktor Gamov, are teaming up with the tech visionaries from Koyeb, Co-Founder and CEO, Yann Léger, and Co-Founder and CPO, Edouard Bonlieu. In this episode, we’ll be getting hands-on with: Next Month: Upon popular demand, Vik and Danny are getting you the scoop on all things Proxy-Wasm.