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Manage API Access More Seamlessly

The Kong Konnect team recently launched the Portal Management API, which allows users to manage their Developer Portals with one API. That means you can easily manage your portal settings, appearance, application registrations, and registration settings easier than before. In this blog, I’ll walk you through two scenarios that we expect the portal management API can help streamline.

Announcing Insomnia's New Storage Control To Mandate Local-Only, Cloud, or Git Storage for APIs in the Organization

Today we’re excited to announce that Kong Insomnia has shipped Storage Control, a new enterprise capability that allows administrators in an Insomnia organization to mandate what type of backend storage developers are allowed to use when creating API assets like API collections, API specifications, environments configuration, authentications data, and more.

Federated API Management: Balancing Agility and Governance

Looking to develop more APIs faster (and securely)? Then you have some different API platform deployment models to consider. In this post, we'll define and compare the siloed, centralized, and federated API platform deployment models — and dive into why federated API management is key to striking a balance between agility and governance.

Kong Konnect Data Plane Node Autoscaling with Karpenter on Amazon EKS 1.29

In this post, we're going to explore Karpenter, the ultimate solution for Node Autoscaling. Karpenter provides a cost-effective capability to implement your Kong Konnect Data Plane layer using the best EC2 Instances Types options available for your Kubernetes Nodes. See the previous posts in this series for more on Data Plane Elasticity and Pod Autoscaling with VPA, HPA, and Node Autoscaling with Cluster Autoscaler on Amazon EKS 1.29.

Transparency and Trust Through Kong Gateway Performance Benchmarks and Open Source Test Suites

In the rapidly evolving landscape of API management, understanding the raw performance and reliability of your API gateway is not just an expectation — it's a necessity. At Kong, we're dedicated to ensuring our users have access to concrete, actionable data to guide their operational and development strategies.

Navigating API Management's New Era: Kong's Incremental Buy-in Product Principle

In the rapidly evolving world of API management, the conversation around "the great unbundling of API management" has recently gained traction. This movement, highlighted by industry experts and analysts, including a recent Forbes article, reflects a shift towards a more componentized approach in API tooling offerings. Such an approach caters to the enterprise's specific needs, moving away from the traditional "does-it-all" solutions.

Adopt a Zero Trust Approach with OAuth 2.0 Mutual TLS Client Authentication

In the modern IT stack, API gateways act as the first line of defense against attacks on backend services by enforcing authentication/authorization policies and validating and transforming requests. When backend services are protected with a token-based approach, client applications must obtain an access token to access the protected resource.

Kong Konnect Data Plane Node Autoscaling with Cluster Autoscaler on Amazon EKS 1.29

After getting our Konnect Data Planes vertically and horizontally scaled, with VPA and HPA, it's time to explore the Kubernete Node Autoscaler options. In this post, we start with the Cluster Autoscaler mechanism. (Part 4 in this series is dedicated to Karpenter.)

Announcing Kong's New Open Source AI Gateway with Multi-LLM Support, No-Code AI Plugins, Advanced Prompt Engineering, and More

Today I’m excited to announce that Kong has released six new open source AI plugins in Kong Gateway 3.6 that turn every Kong Gateway deployment into an AI Gateway. These new plugins are available today and are entirely free and open source for everyone. The six new plugins are AI Proxy, AI Request/Response Transformer, AI Prompt Guard, AI Prompt Template, and AI Prompt Decorator.