Perforce: Agile Planning for SoC Design

Perforce: Agile Planning for SoC Design


Missed milestones, lack of traceability, and costly respins. These are examples of what you risk if you do not take planning seriously during semiconductor design.

A rock-solid planning process in the SOC Design process is a must. At the same time, the era of innovation is changing the way teams organize their work. Driven by inspiration from lean production methods and agile software planning processes - SoC design is ready to move beyond “waterfall.”

How do you create a competitive advantage in the planning of your next SoC?

In this webinar, join Simon Butler, Founder of Methodics Inc., and Johan Karlsson, Senior Consultant and Agile expert at Perforce, as they discuss planning for SoC design in an agile environment, including:

  • Is your development model truly agile?
  • What’s involved in the planning process?
  • What is the importance of planning for designers and engineers?
  • How does planning impact the global team?