The Test Tribe 26th Bangalore Meetup

The Test Tribe 26th Bangalore Meetup


Performance testing has devolved into an activity that is primarily seen as a coding/scripting exercise. Teams and management believe that performance testing only requires coding a few scripts that ramp up a certain number of virtual users and see what happens. Furthermore, this is a task done in isolation with little to no input from business and other key stakeholders that help build the product. The results are then treated as a tick box in the release process and forgotten about unless something untoward happens during production.

We believe that performance testing is an art that requires a strategy of its own – one that needs to revisit the reason why performance testing is needed in the first place. Every product or application requires a different strategy of its own – one that involves key stakeholders that help define the application.
Our session walks through the various stages of creating a performance strategy. While we cover the basics of what a performance strategy includes, we will provide a hands-on experience that allows attendees to live through the creation of such a strategy. This includes exercises that will help visualize the business needs, engage with the required stakeholders to define goals and objectives, and perform exercises that help create a performance strategy.

With emergence of generative AI, you can expedite some of the process of the strategy. We will show how you can do so with couple of examples.

  1. Understand holistic picture of performance test
  2. Importance of performance test strategy
  3. Know your stakeholders
  4. Expedite the process with generative AI