The Test Tribe 2nd Chandigarh Meetup

The Test Tribe 2nd Chandigarh Meetup


Quality Metrics are essential tools for evaluating the effectiveness and success of organizational endeavors.

Absolute ROI measures the direct financial returns of investments, comparing costs with generated revenue. It provides a clear indicator of profitability and efficiency.

On the other hand, Derived ROI Value captures indirect benefits that go beyond monetary gains, such as improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies. It evaluates the holistic impact on business outcomes and strategic objectives.

Both metrics play a crucial role in decision-making, resource allocation, and continuous improvement efforts. By utilizing Absolute ROI and Derived ROI Value, organizations can effectively gauge the quality and value of their initiatives and drive long-term success.

  1. Learn about how to collect data for QA ROI Metrics
  2. What are absolute and derived ROI metrics
  3. How to present or project the ROI Metrics

An AI generative utility which is a one stop solution for efficient performance testing and engineering. This utility is useful to revolutionize the field of performance testing by providing automated solutions for NFR analysis, workload modeling, result analysis.

  1. The power of artificial intelligence to streamline and optimize the performance testing.
  2. The AI-driven automated analysis of performance test report