Yellowfin: Embedded & Contextual Analytics with Mobile

Yellowfin: Embedded & Contextual Analytics with Mobile


Data and analytics is the next frontier of innovation and competitive advantage.

By now, we all know that relevant, advanced reporting with analytical capabilities available as part of the application is no longer simply a nice to have!

Let’s take it one step further!

Experience the power of embedded & contextual analytics on your mobile device – further empowering you to take your insights and, in that, your organisation to the next level!

Join our webinar to hear the very latest on these exciting developments.

Gustav Piater will provide an update on contextual analytics – where it is at and the enormous value waiting to be harvested. Demetrius Ganesh will share a customer success story, with a specific reference to the inclusion of ‘mobile reporting’ as part of their embedded operation reporting stack. It will focus on the VALUE, with specific reference to the learnings gained re. design, limitations for mobile, challenges experienced and how value was derived through repurposing many current embedded analytics and data feeds, into their mobile reporting stack.

If you are unable to attend the live session, register now to get the recording of the session within 24 to 48 hours of its conclusion.