Yellowfin: How To Turbocharge Your Application with Contextual Analytics

Yellowfin: How To Turbocharge Your Application with Contextual Analytics


Innovate your application and create highly valuable analytic experiences for your end-users with contextual analytics.

Contextual analytics, as the next phase of embedded, brings dashboards, automated analysis and analytics directly into your application’s core workflows delivering data directly within the user interface and within the transaction flow. By seamlessly blending analytics and actions, improve both your app’s core functionality and enable opportunities for exciting new analytical experiences for your users - and improve the value of your application.

In this webinar:

  • Learn what contextual analytics is and how you can use it add value to your end-users and software
  • See how contextual analytics can facilitate a better user experience by triggering actions and decisions within your core application workflow
  • Understand where opportunity lies with analytics within your current application
  • Find out why contextual analytics is a game-changer that will give you a competitive advantage.

This webinar is perfect for product managers and teams and product UX/designers looking to make better use of their data to meet the growing analytical needs of customers and deliver a competitive advantage through an integrated application experience.