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Rainforest QA vs. hiring a QA engineer

When you’re ready to make the transition from manual testing to test automation, it’s natural to consider hiring. A QA engineer — who has the technical skills to write and maintain automated tests in an open-source framework — can take the burden of end-to-end test management off of your development team, allowing them to ship more code, faster. But hiring a good QA engineer is — often prohibitively — expensive.

No QA team? 5 ways to automate your tests and what to consider

Is your startup operating with no QA team and trying to figure out your options for improving software quality? Perhaps you’re proactively thinking about your QA process before quality becomes a problem. Our maybe quality issues have forced you to finally address your QA process (or lack thereof). Either way, end-to-end (e2e) automated software testing is always part of the answer.

The Rainforest Method: 5 essential QA testing best practices

Over a decade of helping startups improve quality, we’ve arrived at a set of QA testing best practices that work for teams shipping fast and frequently. They fit neatly into five organizing principles: Together, these principles represent The Rainforest Method. We’ve built our QA solution to make it easy for you to put this software testing method into practice and develop a quality product. A few notes: Contents Toggle.

Building reliable systems out of unreliable agents

If you’ve tried building real-world features with AI, chances are that you’ve experienced reliability issues. It’s common knowledge that AI makes for great demos, but… questionable products. After getting uncannily correct answers at first, you get burned on reliability with some wild output and decide you can’t make anything useful out of that. Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s hope.

Finally, QA doesn't have to suck

Our goal has always been to fix QA. With today’s release, we’re closer than anyone else to doing it. Tests in Rainforest now fix themselves, creating more reliable results while allowing your team to focus on what matters — shipping code. Everyone has to do QA, but everyone hates doing QA. That’s why we started Rainforest in 2012. We make tools that make QA suck less.

Watch now: Generative AI automatically heals tests in Rainforest

We consistently hear from engineering leaders that automated test maintenance is a painful, mindless exercise that takes too much time away shipping code — the main goal of any startup software team. Our vision is to deliver end-to-end test automation that requires no maintenance from your team. With that in mind, we’ve designed Rainforest as an intuitive, no-code platform that anyone can quickly use with no training. This has been an important — but insufficient! — step.

10 free test automation tools (and their hidden costs)

If you’re just getting started with software testing, or you’re looking to switch from manual testing to automation, the idea of a free test automation tool can be pretty appealing. Theoretically, a free tool means you can start producing automated test coverage with little or no financial risk. But that’s not how it shakes out in reality. Almost all “free” automated testing tools come with (sometimes substantial) hidden costs.

15+ automated testing tools for web applications in 2023

If you’re interested in automating the testing of your web application, there are three categories of tools to understand: The best automated testing solution for your web application will depend largely on the resources you have and the tradeoffs you’re willing to make. In this piece, I’m going to help you understand the strengths and shortcomings that come with each of these types of testing tools, as well as who they’re each best-suited for.

10 codeless test automation tools and what you should know

If you and your team are ready to transition from the slog of manual testing to faster automated tests, codeless test automation tools might hold a lot of appeal. Chances are, you don’t have and don’t want to hire (expensive) QA engineers to wrangle complex, open source testing solutions like Selenium. You want your front-end developers focused on shipping code, not getting mired in test suite maintenance in Cypress.

The top 9 tools for automated front-end testing in 2023

Front-end testing is a form of black box software testing in that it requires no behind-the-scenes understanding of how a software application works. It’s solely concerned with evaluating the user experience of an app. A front-end test is only effective if it tests both the functionality and visual appearance of an app, where “appearance” includes things like the layout of a page and the size, shape, color, and legibility of visual elements like buttons, form fields, and text.