5 Educational Phone Games for Schoolers

5 Educational Phone Games for Schoolers

Experts advise parents to reduce screen time for their children until they realize that their future might be more technology than anything else. Developers, on their part, are providing more products for kids at a younger age. Games on ordinary gadgets like phones, tablets, and smart devices are offering schoolers a chance to interact with technology early. The role of games in the lives of schoolers has also changed. While they were previously used for entertainment, education stakeholders are recommending them to help kids to study different concepts and revise other topics studied in class.

Each student has gaming preferences. Developers have also provided thousands of games exploring different aspects of life. A student may use several games in the course of studying based on his daily targets. Here are excellent educational phone games for schoolers.

  1. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy is one of the most recognizable educational technology platforms. It features accredited learning materials and has taken it a notch higher with the introduction of games. The games target different grades, subjects, and topics across the educational platform. It is one of the websites to write essays easily through easy-to-use resources.

Khan Academy has categorized its content to make it easier to use. There are games for elementary learning, intermediate, and advanced learners. The games also allow you to explore a subject or topic at the elementary, intermediate, or tertiary level. Your prowess in one level will usher you to the next, enabling you to cover the subjects taught exhaustively.

The games cover crucial aspects, including maths, writing, reading, problem-solving, and critical thinking, among others. You may also learn other languages by playing different games. The data collected from these games will help you to determine your areas of difficulty.

  1. Math Land

The game is specifically designed to help schoolers to study math. It has been designed to eliminate the notion that math is difficult. As the student navigates through the levels, he will indirectly interact with the concepts taught.

The game is built on the theme of Ray, the Pirate. The player has to find gems that have been taken by Evil Max. To get to these gems, the kid has to multiply, divide, add, and subtract equations. The math becomes more complex as the student moves from one level to the next. The game has been rated among the best in helping kids to love and learn math.

  1. Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

The game focuses on literacy skills for the kids. Elmo and Cookie Monster will help through the stages. The kid has to make words and phrases using the letters provided. The game goes beyond construction to help the kids with pronunciation and finding the meaning of the words. Overall, the game will build the vocabulary of kids or players at different levels. It can also be used to learn a foreign language.

  1. Kid Logic Land Adventure

One of the most important skills learned in class is logic. It is applied in science, math, language, and other subjects. Your role is to help Alice and Jack to find their way through Logic City. You have to open five locations using brain games and puzzles. The complexity of the game as you graduate make every moment worthwhile.

  1. Play and Learn Science

Topics like weather, engineering, mechanics, and temperature can be difficult to teach or learn. Play and Learn Science introduces an easier approach. It will help your kids to see science in everyday life, making the most complex concepts easier to understand.

Phone games allow students to learn anywhere and at any time. Choose a game with features that make it easier to understand your target concepts. The games simplify some of the most complex ideas using everyday examples.