Kensu launches the first Data Observability Community Edition

Kensu launches the first Data Observability Community Edition

MILAN, ITALY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2022 - Kensu, the data observability company, announces the Kensu Community Edition, supporting the data community with the first free solution to monitor the health of their data pipelines at the source and explore first-hand the potential of this new data solution category.

Speaking at the Voxxed Days Developer conference in Milan [Italy], Andy Petrella, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Kensu, explained: "Data observability is a game changer for data teams. It goes beyond data quality by providing data leaders and practitioners with deep visibility into the health of their data in motion. The fact that today they can get contextual insights in real time about how and when the applications are producing, and consuming data will finally allow them to implement trustworthy end-to-end data solutions."

Gartner® said in a recent report*: "Data observability has now become essential to support as well as augment existing and modern data management architectures. Data observability is the ability of an organization to have a broad visibility of its data landscape (...) to identify, control, prevent, escalate, and remediate data outages rapidly within expectable SLAs. Data observability uses continuous multilayer signal collection, consolidation, and analysis to achieve (...) inform and recommend better design for superior performance and better governance to match business goals."

The Kensu Community Edition offers data engineers, data teams, and Kensu partners the first publicly available tool in this category so they can quickly build and use Kensu's agent-based approach to deliver real-time, contextual data observations with a free, unlimited-time developer environment. With this Community Edition, they have the opportunity to freely understand and deliver the potential value of data observability within their own organizations: lower maintenance costs, mitigation of risks related to data incidents, better scalability.

Kensu Community Edition allows members to:

  • Embed Kensu agents and monitor data pipelines in real-time
  • Explore different use cases and learn about data observability
  • Get access to product and learning resources
  • Prepare to become a Kensu Certified Data Engineer

Community Members have access to learning resources as well as discussion channels to collaborate with fellow data practitioners within the Community. Users, technically or non-technically savvy, can explore the Kensu Platform in a dedicated environment and access all Kensu product features and management capabilities for a more complete experience.

To get started with Kensu Community Edition, visit and start monitoring your data pipelines and learning about data observability.

*2022 Gartner, Quick Answer: What is Data Observability?

Gartner is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner®, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.


Kensu's data observability solution allows data teams to reduce risks and costs related to data incidents. It also helps them scale up value creation from their data.

Its disruptive approach goes beyond simply scanning data files and collecting application logs here and there: it monitors data at the source, where and when the applications are using it.

Data teams are always in control, troubleshooting data issues faster and preventing them from propagating. Hence, they can trust what they deliver and get the most out of their investment in data.

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