Kensu launches the first Data Observability solution for Matillion enhancing data productivity for the Enterprise

Kensu launches the first Data Observability solution for Matillion enhancing data productivity for the Enterprise

SAN FRANCISCO, CA., June 28, 2023 — Kensu, the 360° Enterprise Data Observability company, today announced a strategic partnership with Matillion, the leader in data productivity. Kensu is the first solution to bring advanced data observability capabilities to support Matillion Data Productivity Cloud, empowering organizations to gain richer insights into their data pipelines, ultimately strengthening trust in their data. 

Understanding data flows has become imperative as businesses look to adapt to the pace of soaring data volumes. Kensu and Matillion will supply data practitioners and business users with enhanced visibility over their data integration processes, allowing them to harness the maximum potential of their data. As Matillion launches its Data Productivity Cloud to increase efficiency, Kensu operates in tandem to help data teams deliver reliable data to the business with the first Data Observability solution built for Matillion. 

Kensu’s 360° Enterprise Data Observability supports data teams with robust understandings of the movement of data through Matillion. By integrating with Matillion, Kensu retrieves valuable context regarding data runs as well as information about the data sources used in the run. In parallel, Kensu connects to tables to retrieve schemas and metrics, feeding this information back to data practitioners. 

“Kensu’s 360° Enterprise Data Observability provides the ability to better understand the metadata, context and lineage of the data as part of a Matillion workflow,” said Rob Cornell, VP Cloud and Technology Alliances at Matillion.  “Together, Matillion and Kensu help our joint customers to proactively detect and solve data problems, saving them time and resources.”

“Trust in data is the #1 requirement for successful data initiatives, and we are thrilled to see Kensu and Matillion team up to provide a powerful solution that ensures trusted data,” explained Aron Clymer, Founder and CEO of Data Clymer“We look forward to helping our clients take advantage of these incredible capabilities to gain deeper visibility into their data pipelines and increase data reliability and efficiency.”

Speaking at the Snowflake Summit, where Kensu is a sponsor and also co-hosts a happy hour with Matillion and Data Clymer, Eleanor Treharne-Jones, CEO of Kensu, said: "This first partnership of its kind will empower Matillion users to unlock the full potential of their data integration workflows, ensuring data accuracy, reliability, and compliance. Together, Kensu and Matillion are committed to helping businesses drive meaningful insights from their data with confidence." 

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